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A Boardroom Life May/Jun 2020
First-hand tales from an Africal-American boardroom pioneer.
Facing The New Tide Of Securities Litigation Nov/Dec 2018
Today's lawsuits and enforcement action demand new litigation teams.
A New Era Of Board Performance Sep/Oct 2018
Everything from board orientation to succession planning needs to be part of a plan.
Five Board Questions About Black Lives Matter Sep/Oct 2021
Corporate boards are in a unique position to turn rhetoric on race into results.
A Private Equity Model For Public Company Boards Nov/Dec 2018
Top private equity-owned company boards think, act and perform differently.
Fourth Industrial Revolution And Long-Term Value Creation May/Jun 2019
More than just rethinking new digital technology, we now face a rethinking of business itself.
Action Plan For Board And Shareholder Engagement Nov/Dec 2019
Today's investors want to talk with your directors. Here is a plan to make it happen.
Future Of Board Leadership May/Jun 2020
Will the role of lead director supercede the board chairman?
Activist Investors: Setting The Pace On ESG Jan/Feb 2022
The proxy successes of 2021 will inspire new activist tactics in 2022.
General Counsel, The Board, And Corporate Culture Jan/Feb 2018
General counsel is a crucial board go-between in setting “tone at the top.”
Artificial Intelligence In The Boardroom Mar/Apr 2018
The opportunities (and dangers) of artificial intelligence are your board's next strategic challenge.
Getting Serious About Corporate Misconduct Jan/Feb 2021
Retooling your board's oversight of ethics.
Atomic Trading And Market Regulation May/Jun 2021
When online traders blow up meme stocks like GameStop, how do boards respond?
Great Reboot Sep/Oct 2020
Your company's strategy, priorities, technology and governance itself now need rethinking.
Audit Committee Effectiveness: Practical Tips For The Chair Mar/Apr 2019
Leadership of your audit committee must become more professional.
Hearing The Voice Of The Stakeholder Jan/Feb 2020
The Business Roundtable wants you to list to stakeholders--but how?
Becoming A Crisis-Ready Board Jan/Feb 2020
Assuring that management is prepared for crises is no longer enough.
How Big Is The Problem Of Short-Termism? Nov/Dec 2022
Do CEOs and boards really obsess over quarterly results as much as we think?
Best Practice On Board Evaluation Disclosure Mar/Apr 2019
Investors now want to know just how tough you are in grading board members.
How Directors Really View Their Board Role Nov/Dec 2021
Board members prefer to hire a CEO… and then stay out of the way.
Best Practices For ESG Leadership Jan/Feb 2023
Here is how companies and their boards are turning ESG pledges into action.
How Materiality Impacts Reputation Mar/Apr 2020
You can spot pending corporate scandals by what companies fail to disclose.
Best Practices For Virtual Shareholder Meetings Mar/Apr 2021
What lessons have we learned after a year of online annual meetings?
How Peer Reviews Can Change Board Behavior Jul/Aug 2022
Directors can and should be more candid sharing ideas with each other.
Beyond Pay: Compensation Committees And Human Capital May/Jun 2020
Executive pay-setting is only one of the new tasks demanded of compensation committees.
Human Capital Disclosure And The Board Sep/Oct 2020
New disclosure demands on your company's people and culture are coming. Are you ready?
Blurring Lines Between Private And Public Ownership Jan/Feb 2023
Private companies are staying private longer, and growing bigger. How does this change governance?
In Search Of ESG Board Members Mar/Apr 2020
You will not find these new, diverse directors by sticking to your old Rolodex.
Board And CEO Performance Evaluations Post-Crisis Jul/Aug 2021
The past year has forced your board to put off evaluation and pay decisions.
Independent Directors For Joint Venture Boards Jan/Feb 2020
Joint ventures are a fast-growing strategic tool. Their governance, however, is lagging.
Board And Director Evaluation Grows Up Jan/Feb 2018
Evaluation has evolved and improved to meet new governance demands.
Information Technology Governance Nov/Dec 2018
After all the cyber and data danger warnings, how do you change your board to respond?
Board Chair: A Job For The Girls Nov/Dec 2019
For real progress in board diversity, we need more female chairs.
Integrated Corporate Governance And Stakeholders Sep/Oct 2020
The shareholder versus stakeholder debate may be a false choice.
Board Confidentiality And Communications Nov/Dec 2022
Board information leaks have scary consequences, and directors can be the problem.
Into The Arena: Corporate Political Speech Jul/Aug 2021
Investors and customers increasingly want your company to take public stands. Should you?
Board Diversity: An Activist Perspective Nov/Dec 2020
Activist investors have some smart strategic reasons for seeking more diverse boards.
Is "Age Diversity" The Next Boardroom Concern? Jul/Aug 2018
Does your board have any members born after the Baby Boom?
Board Effectiveness: A View From The C-Suite Mar/Apr 2021
What does your executive team really think about your board?
Leveraging Data: A New Board Priority Mar/Apr 2019
Preventing cyber-mischief is only one board job. Are you also pushing to explore fresh data opportunities?
Board Engagement Throughout The Company Jan/Feb 2018
The board often seems isolated from the rest of the organization. Here are tools for outreach.
Loosey Goosey Governance: 4 Misunderstood Terms Mar/Apr 2020
A surprising amount of what we all assume is "good governance" may not be so.
Board Evaluation That Adds Value Sep/Oct 2018
First question: Why are we evaluating?
Making Cybersecurity A Boardroom Priority Jul/Aug 2022
Your board members now face personal liability for slipshod cyber oversight.
Board Evaluation: "Feed-Forward" Instead of "Feedback" Nov/Dec 2018
Evaluation focuses too much on past problems, too little on future aspirations.
Making The Grade In ESG Ratings Sep/Oct 2022
Building your ESG strategy despite differing, even conflicting, standards.
Board Evaluation: Building Board 2.0 Jan/Feb 2021
Move behond the idea that your current board makeup is the ideal.
Modernizing The Board's Oversight Of Joint Ventures Sep/Oct 2022
Making SHARED governance effective is difficult, but crucial for joint venture success.
Board Governance In High-Growth Companies Jan/Feb 2023
The governance needs of a young company differ greatly from public company conventions.
My Problem With Stakeholders Jan/Feb 2019
SEC Commissioner Peirce finds board duties to "stakeholders" too vague.
Board Members Can (Almost) Always Resign Nov/Dec 2020
Courts sometimes find that quitting a board in itself is a breach of fiduciary duty.
New Board ABCs: Analyzing Board Composition Jan/Feb 2020
Activist investors now closely review your board makeup. Do it yourself first.
Board Oversight Of Compliance May/Jun 2022
As corporate compliance grows more demanding, is it time for a compliance committee?
New Considerations For IPO Governance Jan/Feb 2019
IPO companies launch with strong governance defenses - but investors do not seem to mind.
Board Oversight Of Joint Ventures Jan/Feb 2018
Trillions in joint venture investments draw too little board attention.
New Economy And Executive Compensation Jan/Feb 2022
Pandemics, technology, diversity, ESG: How do you pay for radically new skill demands?
Board Pay And Governance In The Middle Market May/Jun 2019
Helpful benchmarks on midcap director pay and board practice.
New Era For Director Orientation Nov/Dec 2022
Today's demands for board competence and inclusion require better induction.
Board Risk Management: A Powerful Approach May/Jun 2020
Board risk oversight demands have risen sharply. The board tools you use may be lagging.
New Risks In Retirement Plan Oversight Jul/Aug 2018
ERISA makes your board the fiduciary for company retirement plans - and the rules are now tougher.
Board Role In Crisis Management Jul/Aug 2020
What best practices has the coronavirus taught us about the board's crisis role?
New Rules Of Board Evaluation May/Jun 2022
Regulation, social pressures and investor demands are shaking up how you grade your board.
Board Role In Making ESG Decisions May/Jun 2019
Will corporate social responsibility goals clash with fiduciary duty?
New Rules Of CEO Succession Planning Jul/Aug 2022
Dig into your corporate strategy before seeking a new CEO to implement it.
Board Role In SEC No-Action Letters Sep/Oct 2019
Wise board review for business purpose can convince the SEC.
New SEC Pay/Performance Disclusures Nov/Dec 2022
Starting in 2023, you must prove that your executives are really paid for results.
Board Special Committees And Investigations May/Jun 2021
Chartering a special committee to investigate can expose the board to its greatest risks.
New Strategy Playbook For Boards Sep/Oct 2022
Is your board in a tug of war with management over strategy?
Boardroom Change In Times Of Turmoil Jul/Aug 2022
Social, health and economic upheaval boost demand for younger, more diverse directors.
Next Steps For California's Board Diversity Law Mar/Apr 2019
The state's new board gender diversity law requires immediate moves on compliance.
Boardroom Technology Deficit Jan/Feb 2023
How well does your board of directors really understand the technology needs of your company?
Plain Language: How To Improve Your Company's Disclosure Mar/Apr 2021
Dense, legalistic, corporate speak disclosure can erode investor confidence.
Boardroom Wheel Of Misfortune May/Jun 2021
How does the best-practice chair cope with inept, conflicted or bullying board members?
Prepare Now For The Universal Proxy Card Jul/Aug 2022
For 2023, the new UPC mandate will level the proxy voting field.
Boards And Their Stakeholders Sep/Oct 2021
Learn who your key stakeholders are, and what they really want.
Professional Director Phenomenon May/Jun 2018
Long frowned upon, the full-time “professional” director is making a comeback.
Boards As Stewards Of Sustainability Jan/Feb 2023
Today's board needs fresh knowledge, resources, and attitudes to lead on sustainability.
Protecting Board Communication Privilege Jul/Aug 2021
Are your directors sharing sensitive board information with prying eyes?
Boards As Stewards Of The Future Mar/Apr 2022
Fiduciary duty now includes society as a whole, even the Earth itself.
Putting Teeth Into Corporate Compliance Nov/Dec 2021
Is it still too easy for C-suite executives to wreck a company and just walk away?
Boards In Flux Mar/Apr 2022
Directors are tightening their governance procedures, and working closely with management.
Real Problem In Director Overboarding Nov/Dec 2019
Over-extended board members mean weaker company performance.
Boards Must Prepare For The GDPR Jul/Aug 2018
Now, potential fines are in the billions for mishandling customer data.
Reasons To Bring Back The Staggered Board Jan/Feb 2019
Did the rush to destagger corporate boards actually cost shareholders money?
Bringing #MeToo Into The Boardroom May/Jun 2018
The past year has seen sexual harassment explode as a business issue. How do boards respond?
Redefining The Lead Independent Director Nov/Dec 2018
How are lead directors using their new powers and responsibilities?
BRT, Stakeholders And Corporate Purpose Nov/Dec 2019
Is the Business Roundtable move toward stakeholder rights even possible?
Remote Board Governance: Lessons Learned Sep/Oct 2020
Boards are learning fast how to make online governance better governance.
Building A Board Of Directors Jul/Aug 2019
Build a smart, effective board from the start for better governance (and for longer CEO lifespan).
Reputation Management And The Board May/Jun 2018
If company reputation is a vital asset, why do boards spend little time on it?
Building A Board-Savvy Executive Team Jul/Aug 2019
How effective are your managers in communicating with your board?
Reshape Your Board For Company Restructuring Nov/Dec 2020
If our current crisis forces a major turnaround effort, is your board up to the task?
Building ESG Into Your Incentive Plans Sep/Oct 2019
Corporate social responsibility will only happen when executives are paid to make it happen.
Resolving Boardroom Conflicts Jul/Aug 2021
How to keep boardroom debate from turning into battles.
Building The Board's Relationship With Compliance Mar/Apr 2018
The chief compliance officer and your board need to talk.
Rising Tide For Antitrust Scrutiny May/Jun 2022
The Biden Administration is proving the most aggressive trustbuster since Teddy Roosevelt.
Business Restructuring Challenges In The COVID Era Jan/Feb 2021
The pandemic panic makes refinancing tougher…just when you most need it.
Road To Strategic Board Refreshment Nov/Dec 2020
Bring the concept of "continuous improvement" to your boardroom.
Business Roundtable And Stakeholders: One Year Later Nov/Dec 2020
Did the BRT signatories really intend to change the treatment of stakeholders?
SEC Concerns On Cybersecurity Sep/Oct 2018
New SEC guidance requires solid cyber risk and disclosure plans.
C-Level Succession In The Current Crisis Jul/Aug 2020
Unprecedented turmoil drives a re-think of leadership planning.
SEC Staff Rethinks "Ordinary Business" Shareholder Proposals Jan/Feb 2022
New staff legal bulletins will shift the tide on excluding proposals.
CEO Leadership And The Board Mar/Apr 2020
First-hand advice on how chief executives and boards negotiate power.
Seven Steps To A More Strategic Board Sep/Oct 2019
Today's best practice CEOs turn their boards into a strategic partner.
CEO Search And The Inside Candidate Nov/Dec 2019
Mishandled CEO succession can cause real trauma within the company.
Shaping Governance For Startup Boards Sep/Oct 2022
Tomorrow's corporate giants should start out with smart governance.
Challenges To Compensation Committees In 2021 Mar/Apr 2021
Pandemic, recession and social unrest force a rethink of your executive pay plans.
Shaping Post-COVID Workforce Strategies Jul/Aug 2020
How do you bring furloughed employees back and keep them safe?
Changing Rules On CEO Succession Nov/Dec 2021
Post-COVID CEO turnover stabilized, but new concerns are redefining the job.
Shaping Your Board For Cybersecurity Jan/Feb 2019
Evolving best practices for cyber-oversight by board committees.
Compensation Committee And Director Onboarding Sep/Oct 2019
Solid board vetting and training of compensation committee talent still lags.
Should You, Or Can You, Resign? Jan/Feb 2022
Just walking away from a bad boardroom situation may NOT be the smartest move.
Compensation Planning For Uncertain Times Jul/Aug 2020
The tidy executive pay plans you set to begin the year are now hopelessly outmoded.
Ten Board Questions On Anticorruption Compliance Jul/Aug 2018
Boards may know too little about how management fights bribery and corruption dangers.
Coronavirus And Your D&O Policies Jul/Aug 2020
Your D&O policy may contain some nasty pandemic loopholes.
Ten Steps Toward Better Director Qualifications May/Jun 2019
Can your new directors meet these standards? If not, do they belong in your boardroom?
Corporate Governance For SPACs Mar/Apr 2022
Today's hottest IPO tool, SPACs bring unique governance concerns.
The Four Tiers Of Board Conflict Of Interest May/Jun 2021
Think your board conflict concerns are straightforward? Think again.
Corporate Secretary’s Governance Role Jan/Feb 2018
Your biggest factor in shaping effective governance is the person taking the minutes.
The Future Of Global Corporate Governance Mar/Apr 2019
Expect more diverse, more empowered boards, and tougher standards in emerging markets.
Corporate Transparency: A Case Study May/Jun 2022
Investors want to know more about your governance. Here is how one company delivered.
The Illusion Of Security In Stock Trading Windows Sep/Oct 2018
Your insider trading plans are only a guide, not a fortress.
Could Outside "Deal Monitors" Improve M&A? Jul/Aug 2019
Big corporate deal-making invites investor lawsuits. Could independent vetting of deals be the answer?
The New Tax Reforms: A Board Briefing Mar/Apr 2018
How will this major U.S. tax overhaul change your executive pay plans?
Criminalizing The Boardroom Jul/Aug 2019
"Guilty intent" is no longer needed for companies (and their leaders) to face criminal prosecution.
Time For Boards To Step Up On Ethics And Compliance Jan/Feb 2019
Why do so many boards ignore their ethics and compliance staff?
Cryptocurrency And Fiduciary Duties May/Jun 2021
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a coming trend and require new governance policies.
Time's Up On Board Diversity Jan/Feb 2022
Start by rethinking your definition of a GOOD board candidate.
D&O Coverage In A Time Of Turmoil Mar/Apr 2021
The new normal will trigger a fresh wave of shareholder litigation.
Trends In Corporate Disclosure Mar/Apr 2020
Many corporations make it difficult for investors to find the information they want.
Dear Chairwoman: Letters To (And From) Women Board Leaders Jul/Aug 2021
Advice, ideas and inspirations from today's woman board chairs to tomorrow's.
Trends In ESG And Shareholder Activism Sep/Oct 2021
ESG reporting and disclosure are the next activist battlegrounds.
Defining The GREAT Board of Directors Nov/Dec 2021
A new survey quantifies what board members define as truly great governance.
Understanding The Ransomware Threat Sep/Oct 2021
Defending company data from attack is just the first challenge. What if you must pay up to hackers?
Disclosing Your Board CEO Pay Ratio Mar/Apr 2018
Corporations must disclose their CEO median pay ratio this proxy season. Are you ready?
What CISOs Wish They Could Tell Their Boards May/Jun 2018
Information security staff and the board must learn to speak the same language.
Disruption In The Boardroom Jan/Feb 2021
In a time of constant corporate change, why should your board structure stay the same?
What Does Your CEO/Median Pay Ratio Really Say? Sep/Oct 2018
With ratios all over the place, take care to send the right investor relations message.
Diversity Of Thought In The Boardroom Mar/Apr 2022
Board diversity transcends race and gender.
What Has Changed In Your Boardroom? Sep/Oct 2021
A year and a half of COVID crisis is only one of the forces that has reshaped governance.
Do CEOs Need A “Chief of Staff”? May/Jun 2018
Political leaders depend on a chief of staff to be effective. Now, smart CEOs are too.
What You Must Disclose On Cybersecurity May/Jun 2020
Coping with overlapping, fast-changing (and sometimes confusing) new rules.
Double-Edged Sword Of CEO Activism May/Jun 2019
The public now expects CEOs to take stands--except when they disagree.
When Your CEO Is A "Brilliant Jerk" Jan/Feb 2020
What happens when your board has to act as the adult in the boardroom?
Effective Board Oversight Of Cybersecurity Nov/Dec 2022
CISOs and board members must learn to speak a common language.
Who Monitors The Market Intermediaries? Sep/Oct 2019
Some of the smallest market players have outsized influence.
Environmental Sustainability As A Board Issue Jul/Aug 2019
"Green" issues are now pounding on the boardroom door. Here are governance best practices.
Women Board Members And Technology Companies Mar/Apr 2018
Big tech firms offer a valuable diversity model.
ESG: New Regulation, New Disclosures Nov/Dec 2021
Tough new rules mean that your company must tighten ESG standards and disclosures.
Writing Your Board Diversity Policy Jul/Aug 2018
How one board shaped its best practice diversity policy.
Evolving Role Of Audit Committees May/Jun 2022
Audit is battling a growing portfolio and scope creep.
Your Board's Digital Dangers Jan/Feb 2021
Social media and direct messaging are the new hot zones for your executives.
Evolving Role Of The Governance Professional Mar/Apr 2022
Corporate secretaries can deliver the crucial backup needed by modern boards.
Your Post-Crisis Board Evaluation Sep/Oct 2020
Were your board and governance up to the crisis? What needs to change?
Expanded Role For The Compensation Committee Sep/Oct 2022
Beyond simply pay-setting, roles expand into talent management, pay fairness and investor relations.

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